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Application Classification of Double-sided Adhesive Tape.
Industry news / 2019-04-12


1. Waterborne double-sided adhesive tape: it is an extremely common double-sided adhesive tape with general performance.
2. Oil-coated double-sided adhesive: the most used type, which is affordable;
3. Embroidered double-sided adhesive tape: it is highly viscous and professionally used.
4. Hot melt adhesive tape: it is not as common as oil adhesive and is cheaper than oil adhesive.
5. Base-free double-sided adhesive: made by directly coating release papers with high-performance glue;
6. PET double-sided adhesive tape: PET film is used as the base material, suitable for various switches and precision electronics;
7, foam double-sided adhesive tape: environmental protection foam as the base material, suitable for automobiles, mobile phones, electronics, etc.;
8. EVA foam double-sided adhesive: EVA base material, suitable for various simple shockproof bonding;
9. Fiber grid double-sided adhesive tape: high-strength fiber with super-strong adhesion, suitable for various surfaces difficult to adhere;
10. Cotton paper double-sided adhesive tape: strong versatility and numerous models;
11. Non-woven double-sided adhesive tape: represented by 3M, with outstanding performance and affordable price.