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Production Technology of Coated Paper.
Industry news / 2019-03-29

1. Gravure printing
Release paper with printing, coated paper and silicone oil paper must be printed before the following procedures can be done: coating film and silicon.
2. PE coating (plastic coating)
PE film coating machine is also called plastic coating machine. The hot melt PE plastic film is evenly coated on the surface of the paper to form coated paper, which is also called plastic coating paper or plastic paper.  It is also the first process of producing plastic release paper.
3, silicon coating
Silicone oil has incompatible physical characteristics. Silicone coating is to use a coating machine to coat silicone on the surface of rolls of other materials to form a layer of silicone oil, called silicone oil paper (film), so as to achieve non-stick and oil-proof effects. Silicone coating is the main material for producing oilproof paper, anti-stick paper and release film.
4. Cutting
Since our company has a large silicon coating production line, and the customers generally need narrow or single finished products, the final process is to cut large rolls of release paper (film) into finished products required by the customers.
5, flick knife
The cut rolls of silicon coated paper, release film or coated paper are then cut into rectangular single sheets by a spreader to meet the needs of customers for flat finished products.